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Finding the perfect protection for your log cabin

Log cabins are an ideal and flexible way to expand your living space.

You may be looking for an extra external room in which to enjoy the summer and make the most of your garden. Alternatively, you might have more definite plans, such as a music studio or a unique play area for the kids.

A garden office is one of the more common uses for a log cabin, particularly if you work from home or run your own business. You may find a designated work space outside of your main house is a useful investment which enhances your productivity.

Whatever you use your log cabin for; here are a few insurance considerations to think about.

  • If you make any modifications or additions to your home, it’s important to tell your insurer about these.  Don’t assume that new constructions, such as a log cabin, will be automatically covered under your existing home insurance. You will need to tell your insurer about it and potentially extend your level of cover.
  • Make sure you have sufficient contents insurance to cover any items kept out in your log cabin. Your home insurance might not automatically cover these items if they’re kept outside of the main property. Especially if you keep expensive office equipment in a garden office, make sure all these work essentials are fully insured under your contents policy.
  • Don’t forget about garden items. Things like BBQs, gardening equipment and patio furniture can all add up to a lot of money. Make sure your level of contents insurance will cover these items too.
  • Be aware that items such as laptops and bikes may need to be specified to your insurer and require some additional cover.
  • If you use your log cabin as a holiday home or rent it out as a holiday let, you may require a specialist policy. Not all standard home insurance policies will cover these circumstances.