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Garden Office

Garden office space can be a quick solution to creating extra space with minimal disruption to the family home. Garden studios for less than £6000 installed and ready to use.
The timber shown is close to level so this gives a fairly good indication of the gradient.
Blockwork is in place front and back to support the surrounding ground prior to laying the concrete slab.
Here you can see the ballast and ramps up the paths to the back garden. A base of this size will take 4-5 ton bags to complete.
Mixing within the base, can save time and ensures a mess free build.
Base is mixed, levelled and left to set. It is advisable to complete basework a few days prior to the cabin delivery.
Garden office assembly well under way.
Up to roof height and ready to fit the tongue and groove roof boards.
The interior of the Aylesbury garden office.
Celotex insulation was fitted between the joists in this case as the floor joists have a depth of 70mm which is sufficient to take the 50mm celotex boards.
A nail gun or two makes light work of laying the floor and fixing the roof boards.
Insulated ceilings help to reduce heat loss in winter and reduce the heat penetration through the roof in summer. 50mm rockwool slabs and tape and jointed plasterboard are installed in the ceiling as part of the garden office insulation option.
As part of your garden office installation we do offer to paint internally or externally but in this case the customer opted to do this work themselves. Our final part of the installtion is connection of electrics and a network cable. Cat5e network socket added to the Garden Office and one of the double sockets for power.
Mini consumer unit fitted in the cabin. As part of the garden office installation the main consumer unit in the home was also upgraded to meet cuurent regulations.
The customer chose to paint the interior, this is an option or alternatively in can be left as natural wood,varnished or coated in linseed oil.

The completed Garden Office.